Beginning in 1955 with Vee Jay records and the likes of Dee Clark, Jimmy Reed, the Dells, the Spaniels, the Moonglows, he still to this day remains a first call studio musician. He has played on hundreds of records, scores of film tracks, Myriads of T.V. and radio jingles and has recorded with artist's of practically every genre of American music. The mere mention of his name alway triggers associations with the Superstars. Probably better known for his association (1975-1981) with George Benson than any other, George has recorded 3 of Phil's compositions the most notable being "6 to 4" from the album -"Breezin". Still actively supporting the stars and traveling the stages of the world at the age of 57, he shows no sign of slowing down, nor does he have any desire to. He continues to also work on his own solo career and has released 23 solo albums or his own to date.