First African Methodist Episcopal church
2270 So. Harvard Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90018
Phil Upchurch play's
The Vestax D'Angelico "Phil Upchurch Model UP-1"
Every bit a world class hand carved D'Angelico but with a smaller 15 inch body size. The Vestax D'Angelico "New Yorker
The "Legacy" by CA Guitars
For my flat top work, a carbon polyfibre guitar that I can take to the beach without worrys of the havoc that the salt air can reap upon a wooden guitar but yet maintain's the warmth of a hign quality wooden instrument. La Bella Srings
My first set of guitar string's in 1955 were LaBella's and I never stopped using them. They are everything you could ask from of a string and I use LaBella's on my Basses also. PolyTone Amplifiers
I've been using Polytones since 1978 for my Guitar and Bass gig's. I did a lot of Bass studio gig's in Chicago from 1958 til I left to move to LA in 1978. Aphex Systems
Studio rack systems, Mic Preamps, Aural Exciters for Studio and performance. Bass & Guitar Effects stomp boxes and more.